Person Organization Congruence Plan 3.0 Framework

 (Tri-Unity Model)

By Robin Kegler, CEO, Wearing The Right C.A.P. LLC

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"You Added the Other Part-You Helped Me See Where I'm to Go Next..."


"I needed clarity and understand what I heard in my heart to do. The burden was on me to insert this into my schedule as busy as my schedule is. So, I re-arranged my whole life to meet with you.

Your teaching has impacted my life by helping to see what I need to fulfill my vision. You challenged me, stretched me and charged me. I'm thankful...." K. Parker, CEO- Maryland/USA

What Is Your Engagement Process to Identify & Keep the Right People Who are Tailor Made for Your Business?

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How are you connecting to the right candidates (or employees) for open positions?

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How do you confirm that the person you bring (or have) on board is in the right place?

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How does the person you bring on board contribute to the organization beyond their job description that is unique to them? 

Get your copy of the Person Organization Fit Congruence Plan 3.0 Tri-Unity Model Framework so that you know what to implement to have people who are tailor made for your business or organization

About the Author

Robin Kegler is CEO of Wearing The Right C.A.P. LLC. As an Industrial-Organizational Psych Consultant, author, speaker and creator of a proprietary placement and mobilization system,  she helps independent contractors and individuals find their right place. She also shows SBO, professionals and HR supervisors how to put the right people, in the right place, doing the right assignment so that they decrease turnovers and increase productivity and employee engagement.